The mission

Bulvarg is a destination for flexible grain storage solutions at a revolutionary price where the details make the difference. It is the mission of Bulvarg to help farmers store their grain more efficiently and to support them in maximising their profit.

We offer the fastest, easiest and hassle free purchasing process making the everyday life better for many farmers. Our knowledgable and friendly engineers will help inspire, educate and problem-solve for you.

Bulvarg exist to create experiences where passion and purpose come together.

Leading the way to socially conscious business

The ever growing population, the climate change and the water scarcity are challenges that the grain industry faces every year. Fortunately, the increasing industrialisation and the already gained knowledge help farmers produce enough product that can satisfy the world’s needs. However, the problem that the industry now faces is how to distribute this product equally to the different parts of the globe.


All losses

From these losses

  • 70% during storage
  • 20% from the field to farm
  • 10% transportation

There are two factors that play a vital role in the grain supply chain - storage and transportation. In the developing countries, post-harvest losses from harvest to market sale amount to around 15-20%. Approximately 70% of these losses occur during storage and processing at the farm, 20% in transport from the field to the farm, and the remaining 10% during transport to market.

In Bulvarg we face this issue and aim to accelerate the development of simple and more effective storage facilities that are energy efficient and can pave the way for grain supply chain of the future.

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