Excellent for every farm

The bucket elevator by Bulvarg is made of high strength steel that is fully galvanised which makes it particularly suitable for outdoor applications. It is ready to meet your various capacity needs, no matter the size of your farm.

Quality above all

The Bulvarg elevators are equipped with high quality drive components, elevator belts and elevator buckets that ensure high performance and guarantee that they will never let you down.

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Better experience at every level

We offer simple effective solutions in order to move your grain more efficiently by achieving extraordinary economies. We continuously reducе the cost of the handling equipment and at the same time maximisе the farmers’ profits.

  • Simple deisgn and installation

    Innovative engineering solutions guarantee easy assembly and servicing

  • Durable and efficient

    Products that are designed to do the job for you and to make your business more profitable

  • Value for money

    Through innovation and optimisation we are proud to offer remarkable quality at the right price

  • Short delivery time

    From the drawing board to the assembly at your farm, you will receive an unmatchable experience

elevator features

Collection of features

The Bulvarg systems should be absolutely reliable and simple to use. Hence, on your request we can equip your elevator with speed monitoring device, motor winding protection and other detectors.

Easy maintenance

In order to make your operation as simple as possible, we have designed the Bulvarg elevator in a way that any maintenance tasks can be easily executed. Maintenance hatches in elevator head and base ensure easy access while additional platforms give you the extra space to get the job done.

A year of unlimited guarantee

Every single detail of the Bulvarg product line is inspected and tested after production. We guarantee our customers that they receive quality systems and experience unlike any other. This philosophy gives us the confidence to offer 1 year unlimited guarantee for each of our products.


  20 t/h40 t/h60 t/h80 t/h100 t/h120 t/h
Capacity m3/h 27 54 81 105 130 157
Speed rpm 172 172 172 121 121 121
Materials Galvanized steel / Plastic
Intermediate sections size mm 195/182 195/182 195/182 227/215 227/215 300/230
Buckets per meter pcs 4 6.5 9.5 7 9 6.5
Bucket volume dm3 0.69 0.69 0.69 2.07 2.07 2.54
Belt width mm 160 160 160 220 220 260


  • Cover for geared motor
  • Monitoring devices
  • Mechanical or electrical valves
  • Additional connections
  • Service platform
  • Steel buckets

The perfect fit

We know that sometimes just an elevator is not enough. Therefore, we have developed an exciting line of structures to support our transport systems and to offer the perfect fit for them.

How to buy

  • InquiryMake an inquiry and we will give you our best offer
  • EngineeringWould you like us to engineer everything for you? Just focus on your business and we will do the rest.
  • ProductionWe will step into production immediately after we receive your purchase order so we can ensure the shortest delivery time.
  • DeliveryDon’t worry about the delivery of your order - we will organise everything for you. Tell us the location of your farm and wait comfortably.
  • AssemblyIn case you need us, we will be there for you. We have an assembly team that can do all the construction at your farm.
  • ServiceAny day, anytime - you can count on the support of our experienced staff to solve any troubles you might face during operation. Fast and reliable.

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