Innovation made simple

When designing towers and catwalks we faced a tricky question - how can we innovate something so simple that hasn’t changed in a long time. With the single idea that we should offer complete and effective solutions to our customers, we have designed a system of structures that perfectly fit and complement each other, Products that can be easily installed to work in harmony with the rest of our lines.

Designed for your farm

In order to have the right solution for every specific case, we have developed two product options - standard or customised equipment.


System of simple modular sections with various sizes ensure easy and fast field assembly. By combining the different elements, you can have a product that perfectly fits your needs.


Choosing this option gives you the freedom to order a product that is designed exactly to your specifications and to be as unique as your farm is.

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The catwalk

The catwalk elements are made of wear resistant steel that guarantees the long life of the structures.

Catwalk sections

Floors are ideally designed to be suitable for conveyors with different sizes and to offer the perfect match for them. Handrail is available for the entire length of the catwalk making the access secure and comfortable.

Catwalk platforms

Additional platforms can be attached to the different sections of the catwalk giving extra space for other equipment and simplifying the maintenance of the conveyors.

The tower

The tower elements are made of wear resistant steel that guarantees the long life of the structures.

Tower sections

The standard tower sections are engineered to offer maximum flexibility so you can create a final product that perfectly suits your farm. Intermediate platforms can be added to the tower and placed between sections.

Catwalk connection

When we speak about a system, we really mean that everything works in harmony. The Catwalk connection offers maximum ease when installing towers and catwalks together by eliminating the need for additional custom links.


Stairs can be added separately and can be simply attached to the tower. Fewer bolts and simple connections result in fast assembling process. Handrail is available making the access secure and comfortable.

Better in any possible way

  • Simple connections

    Clever design assures fast and easy field assembly

  • Less pieces

    Reduced number of elements simplifies the entire construction

  • Build to last

    Robust materials guarantee long-lasting life of the products

  • Secure and convenient

    Designed with your safety and comfort in mind

The perfect fit

We love it when everything works harmoniously into one system. We bet you will love it too. This is why we have developed towers and catwalks that offer the perfect match for the rest of the Bulvarg products.

How to buy

  • InquiryMake an inquiry and we will give you our best offer
  • EngineeringWould you like us to engineer everything for you? Just focus on your business and we will do the rest.
  • ProductionWe will step into production immediately after we receive your purchase order so we can ensure the shortest delivery time.
  • DeliveryDon’t worry about the delivery of your order - we will organise everything for you. Tell us the location of your farm and wait comfortably.
  • AssemblyIn case you need us, we will be there for you. We have an assembly team that can do all the construction at your farm.
  • ServiceAny day, anytime - you can count on the support of our experienced staff to solve any troubles you might face during operation. Fast and reliable.

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